"Machina-TST" in the forum "Transport Systems and Road Infrastructure of the Far North"

The main goal of the forum was the exchange of best practices and coordination of efforts to improve methods of construction and repairing highways in permafrost conditions.

Pavel Shikut, chief technical support specialist of Machina-TST, made a presentation on the topic "Application of geosynthetic materials in the construction and reconstruction of highways in the Far North", which aroused professional interest among representatives of the federal road administrations.
Particular interest was shown in the matter of strengthening and ensuring the stability of the roadbed using high-strength geotextile STABBUDTEX.

The forum was organized by the NEFU, the Ministry of Transport and Roads of the Republic, Uprdor "Vilyui" and the Institute of Oil and Gas Problems of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.