From the 21st till 24th of October 2016 the representatives of the company OOO"Machina - TST" organized a trip to Serbia

From the 21sttill the 24th of October 2016 the representatives of the company OOO "Machina – TST" organized a trip to Serbia. During this visit, some meetings were held with the design engineersto evaluate and make recommendations on the use of geosynthetic materials. Most sections of the Serbian roads are not subjected to major repair.  During long-term operationsthe plates in some parts of Serbian roads were warped, splitted and moved vertically under the influence of transport and thermal loads. There is also widespread fatigue cracks, the temperature cracks, subsidence, rutting, plastic deformation, potholes.Assessing the condition of some Serbian road sections, our experts and design engineers decided to use geogrids as the optimal solution to thermal and reflected cracks. Also the representatives of "Machina – TST" company and  TECHCOMSTEEL company  organized a meeting in Belgrade with the Deputy Director of the Institute of Road INSTITUT AUTOPUTOVY. During the negotiations, they arrived at a decision to use geosynthetics represented by "Machina – TST"company in many road projects.The Serbian market is developing quickly, especially in the infrastructure construction, and our company will continue to work intensively in this direction.